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New Music Coming Soon 

From These Ruins have taken much of 2015 to focus on writing and recording their debut full length album. Finishing off a long run on the road in support of their EP, Brotherhood, FTR are excited to get new music to everyone.

"We have taken most of this year to really put a full album together that is a complete representation of who we are as people and musicians," said Chad Anderson, the bands drummer. "We are really excited to get the new stuff out to everyone."

You can expect the new music to drop in early 2016 with a slew of shows in support of their debut release.

You can find more information on FTR by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube pages.

FTR Mutually Parts with Bridgewaters - Welcomes' Stines to the Family! 

Family, friends, and fans, our lovable Matthew Bridgewaters needs your thoughts and prayers. Matt has been through more than anyone would ever guess as of late. Due to his poise and strength of character he has put on a smile and put on stage performances so energetic, no one would ever guess he was sick. However, with all his fighting and struggling through chrone's disease and more, he needs time to heal and get rest.

After many conversations, lots of thought and twice as much prayer, we mutually felt it beneficial for Matt and FTR - that Matt to focus on himself and his health, so he is stepping down as From These Ruins bass player. Matt is currently working with fellow musicians on recording projects so make sure you show him your support. He's the strongest person we know and he will prevail!  

With that being said, we are excited to announce that a long time friend of From These Ruins - someone who has always helped us out with just about everything - a talented and passionate musician - and an all around great fella. . . 

You may know him from his current project Chasing Apparitions when he is thrashing the stage. . .

Everyone please welcome the newest member of FROM THESE RUINS

Josey Stines!

Please join us in welcoming him to the Brotherhood and our family!

Check out this outstanding review of "Losing Control" 

Eric Hunker of The Front Row Report had some very kind words to say about "Losing Control" recently.

"It is hands down the best song Mushroomhead never recorded and the track Sevendust has been striving to make for over a decade."

"Losing Control is, in a word, perfection and should be receiving repeated plays in every format possible."

Read the entire glowing review here:



We are proud to tell you that Losing Control is FINALLY HERE!

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Get Losing Control FREE - FRIDAY! 

Indianapolis, Ind.- Finally, after a long wait and after a release date was pushed back, From These Ruins are set to unleash their latest single upon the world.Set for release on June 13, 2014- Friday the 13th- “Losing Control” will be released to the public as a free download to the fans as a thank you for all the support of their debut EP, Brotherhood and to give the world a taste of what’s to be expected from their forthcoming full-length release, which is slated for late 2014.

Fresh off the heels of a successful supporting run of Brotherhood, which saw From These Ruins playing with Smile Empty Soul, Erimha, Abigail Williams, Soufly, Love and Death, Nine Lashes, It Lies Within, 12 Stones, The Letter Black, Lastwatch, The Protest and numerous other notable bands.

“Losing Control,” much like Brotherhood, features the signature From These Ruins sound with singer Rusty Sparks’ brutally cutting vocals, the dual guitar assault of Tim Hartman and Jeff Garloch with the groove-oriented rhythm section of bassist Matthew Bridgewater and drummer Chad Anderson and shows the band at their best.

Often compared to Demon Hunter, Sevendust, Rob Zombie, and others, From These Ruins definitely has the heavy metal sound but also has a message of hope and love for the world with lyrics that show the band’s Christian faith and acceptance of everyone, best seen in the fan favorite “Brotherhood-” the title track from their EP.
When forming the band they had a few things in mind- playing impressive heavy music with a positive message, to reach the world and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Comprised of singer Rusty Sparks, drummer Chad Anderson, guitarists Jeff Garloch and Tim Hartman and bassist Matthew Bridgewaters, From These Ruins aren’t your typical Christian metal band.
They haven’t all lived past lives of squeaky clean church-going. In fact, it couldn’t be more the opposite. Having turned their lives around and found Christ, they wanted to find a way to live a Christ-filled life while still playing the music they love. Enter From These Ruins.
In support of Brotherhood, From These Ruins ventured out to play more than just church youth groups and added the club and bar scene to the tour schedule and saw them open up for bands that include Tantric, Soulfly, Smile Empty Soul, 12 Stones, Love and Death, Abigail Williams, Erimha, The Letter Black, Children 18:3, The Wedding, I Am Empire, Inhale Exhale, Corpus Christi, Nine Lashes, Lastwatch and more.
-“Finally a hard rock/metal sound with all the right ingredients! In early 2012 they released Brotherhood. The six track, pulse pounding, over thirty minute album is loaded to the brim with heavy licks, melodic vocals and powerful messages.” – Nanobot Rock
 Brotherhood. If they keep this up, there’s no telling what they’re capable of doing. They are an upcoming force to be reckoned with. Keep your eyes out for this Indiana-based force of metal- they won’t let you down.”- The Front Row Report
-“This band has so many solid riffs it blows me away. I really like the way that the clean vocals are fused with the growls. It is artfully done and comes across well.”- Two Guys Metal Reviews

If you thought the infectious, extreme, devastating ripple effect of Brotherhood was impressive, just wait until From These Ruins take it to the next level with “Losing Control.”

“I can’t wait for people to hear this new material. It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever recorded or been a part of and there’s no doubt this will take FTR to the next level,” says drummer Chad Anderson.

“We are so excited for everyone to hear this new stuff. We can’t wait to get into the studio for people to get a taste,” adds frontman Rusty Sparks.
With a second single set for release in mid-to-late 2014, From These Ruins are set to hit the road once again, kicking off the support of “Losing Control” at this year’s KROCK Fest in Danville, IL as support for multi-platinum recording artists Tantric.

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